Support Planning

Support Planning


PeoplePlus's Support Planning Service will help you write and develop your own Support Plan ready for presentation to the local authority. We will work very closely with you to understand your support needs and the ideas and aspirations that will help you meet them. With you we will look at creative ways for you to meet the needs identified in your assessment and look at all the different options available to you ensuring that these options fit the criteria in your care assessment, that they are good value for money and meet your support needs. We will then type up the Support Plan. This process usually takes up to three meetings with you for us to understand your support needs, look at the different options and discuss the final Plan .

Included in the meeting we will -


  • Researching possible support options which are available to you locally
  • Calculate the Costs in the Support Plan to ensure that you have sufficient funding available to pay for the support identified .
  • Type up your Support Plan and fill in your Support Plan Sign off Record Sheet following the correct format required by the Local Authority
  • Submission of your Support Plan to your Local Authority once you have agreed it.
  • Correct any changes required by the Local Authority and re-submit if required.
  • Finally we will support you to put your plan into place.


For more information please contact your local team via the Locations Page.